Pallet Livestock Pen

Pallet Livestock Pen

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If you’re going to have goats, pigs, chicken and the like on the homestead you have to have somewhere to put them. While we are working on setting cedar posts in preparation for a combination of cattle and electric fencing I decided to build a small (about 36″ x 25″) pallet livestock pen for immediate use. This pallet livestock pen is going to be just off a couple of our small barns, and even after the entire homestead is fenced in, I expect to get use out of it as a small holding pen when the need arises.

Why Pallets?

I know pallets aren’t the best option for a livestock holding pen. The thing is though, money is tight here on the homestead, and in true homesteading fashion, I’m making due with what we have on hand. To me that is what homesteading is all about. I don’t care about aesthetics. I don’t care about fancy. I care about growing my homestead on a very tight budget and still ensuring any animals we are responsible for are properly protected from predators (and themselves in some cases).

Any Advice on Using Pallets?

  1. Make sure the pallets you use are clean (within reason) and are not contaminated with harmful chemicals.
  2. Repair all jagged wood and remove or pound in all loose nails. You don’t want these things injuring your animals. This is especially true with goats who love to rub up against things.
  3. Make sure your pallets are anchored and the structure is solid. Freestanding pallets will not keep in an animal that has it in its mind to escape. Use wood fence posts, steel t-posts and scrap wood to make sure all your pallets are tied together.

In Conclusion

Use what you have. If a structure does its job, is solid and not a danger to you or your animals and costs you next to nothing you can’t lose! Aesthetics are for town folk. Here on the homestead we care that something is safe, functional and doesn’t break the bank.

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