Beginner Compost Bin

DIY Beginner Compost Bin

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Beginner Compost BinToday I constructed my first compost bin on the homestead. It was fast, simple and cheap (free). I highly recommend that anyone who can spare the space (16 square feet approx.) builds a basic beginner compost bin like this on their homestead. Composting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by making use of many things that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Also, free fertilizer for your garden and plants. Who doesn’t like free, organic and chemical free fertilizer?

Click here for more information on why you should compost and how to get started.

This beginner compost bin was made by standing up 4 pallets to create a square and then using baling wire to secure them together. That’s it! I did add a couple old hinges to the front pallet, making it easier to access the compost pile for turning, but that is 100% optional. The important thing is you get started right away.

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